CALL Upgrade Starter Studio

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This package includes everything you need to add live TV studio features to your CALL Upgrade Pro at the push of a button.

This kit Includes a professional video switcher, 1 TB of solid state media, a microphone pre-amp, a network router, a set of 32 customizable buttons, all of the necessary cables, and a small rack that can sit on the floor or attach to your desk.

We work with you to load your branding elements into the switcher so you can have your title, logo, Call-to-Action, or other graphic elements appear at the push of a button.

This setup also serves as a recording device so you can capture your content with ease. Imagine you're on a coaching call, about to dish out a powerful message. Now you can capture a studio quality recording of your side of that conversation and turn it into content for social media, your podcast, or an online course.

Additionally, you can simply hit record whenever inspiration strikes. No more waiting for your social media crew to be available.

Included in the purchase of a Starter Studio is an additional 2 hour consultation to not only help you get the tech side of things running, but also to get your custom branding elements created and loaded into your switcher so they're 1 button press away.

This kit is designed to work with the CALL Upgrade Pro. If you have questions about compatibility with a different camera and microphone, send us a message at